• Bio by Mathew Korfhage

    Corey Smith is a painter, sculptor and photographer from Portland, OR, who currently resides in downtown Los Angeles, CA. He has been exhibiting his work in galleries all over the US for over ten years. Smith has been featured in countless print magazines and online sources.

    Smith's high-gloss, ultra-flat paintings capture the joys of plasticity and pre-fab environments, celebrity as the ultimate blank canvas, and the absurd hyperboles of modern leisure. But rather than repackage the manufactured world into an aestheticized form–a la post-Warholian Pop–Smith favors a post-Pop approach that brings into day-glo focus the dark vision at the corner of the spectator's eye. The paintings find their subject in the tension between the works' fatalistic undercurrents and the celebratory aura created by Smith's use of bold color and bright-lined contour.

  • His sculptures and mixed media works develop some of these same themes, but rather than map plasticity onto flat canvas, Smith instead maps flatness onto plastic forms–whether by painting across arrays of commercially molded objects or by making use of the naturally deflective precision-cut panes of modern machinery.

    Smith's photography develops some of the same themes as his sculpture and painting–surface, extremity–but abandons ironies for a more intimate perspective. Most of his subjects are close friends or lovers, and Smith documents them at points where excess bleeds either into empathy or its impossibility, and where the romance of abandon intersects with abandonment.

    His works are a Death Valley realism, infused with both sunny Californian optimism and morbid premonition. This is awful, deeply wrong, utterly fantastical stuff–a distillation of a time, a place, and a generation that are always already beside themselves.

    -Mathew Korfhage 2009

  • Solo Exhibitions


    Worksound Gallery, "Obsolete Dreams", Portland, OR


    Backspace Gallery, "Air Superiority and Obsolete Dreams", Portland, OR


    Light Gallery, "Fuck Yeah Bro!", Costa Mesa, CA

    Backspace Gallery, "Drop Out, Not Bombs", Portland, OR

    Fice, "Jesus I Trust In You", Salt Lake City, Ut.


    Mark Wooley Gallery,"Affair at the Jupiter Hotel", Portland, OR

    The Closet, "Liar's Laughter", Santa Monica, CA


    Sugar Gallery, "Seven Day Weekend", Portland, OR

    The Camp Gallery, "Key to the City". Costa Mesa, CA

  • Backspace Gallery, "It's Not Gay If It's For Drugs", Portland, OR

    Rake Art Gallery, "Ultra Artsy", Portland, OR

    Seven Gallery, "Let the Good Times Roll", Portland, OR


    Neverender Gallery, "Zerocharisma", Reno, NV

    Circle Gallery, "Zerocharisma", Salt Lake City, UT

    Nemo Design, "Looking Good is Better Than Feeling Good", Portland, OR

    Backspace Gallery, "Zerocharisma", Portland, OR


    Street Machine Gallery, "Nice Life", San Diego, CA

    Backspace Gallery, "Nice Life", Portland, OR


    KCDC Gallery, "Nice Life", Williamsburg, NY

  • Group Exhibitions


    Heist Gallery, "We Haven't Felt This Way In Years II", San Francisco, CA

    Ghettogloss Gallery, "Furious Sons", Los Angeles, CA


    Work Sound Gallery, "White Noise", Portland, OR


    Regent Theatre, "Clean Hands, Dirty Hands", Downtown Los Angeles, CA

    World of Wonder Gallery, "Departed", Hollywood, CA


    AudioCinema Gallery, "Children of the Revolution", Portland, OR

    Rake Gallery, "All Day Snacking", Portland, OR


    Upper Playground fifty 24pdx Gallery, "New Scenery", Portland, OR

    Disjecta, "Auction 2006″, Portland, OR

    Maek Gallery, "Down to Earth", Encinitas, CA

  • Renowned Gallery, "It's All Wood", Portland, OR

    On Six Gallery, "Carpe Diem", San Francisco, CA

    Rake Gallery, "Opening", Portland, OR

    Versus Gallery, "Clash of the Titans", Los Angeles, CA

    Higgins Gallery, PNCA, "Animals, the real and fantastic", Portland, OR

    Wonder Gallery/ Mark Wooley, "Sedition", Portland, OR


    Orange County Museum of Art, "Modis Odis", Newport, CA


    Mailroom Gallery, "Corey Smith and Nemo Design", Portland, OR

    Non Profit


    "People and Places" group photography show, benefit for Habitat for Humanity and Architecture for Humanity

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