• Death Valley

    Death Valley was a rock band I was in for about a year or so in Portland, OR. It was probably the most decadent and wild time of my entire life. Everyone in the band were total bad asses and amazing musicians. I was the front man so all I had to do was dress like and asshole and show up. Half the time I couldn't even remember my lyrics. I was rarely sober the entire time the band existed. Free booze at every venue and bar in town and free party favors from all the homies makes it impossible not to get caught up.

    Had I known being in a band would swoon so many ladies I never would have started snowboarding. We partied hard and rocked even harder. I still can't hear as well in right ear to this day. I was down to 180lbs but my face was fat and bloated. My girlfriend hated me, all my cash was going up my nose, and I needed to get out of dead end city.

  • I moved to LA the following Dec. and cleaned up my act. To this day playing in Death Valley is one of the fondest most insane memories of my life.

    Thanks to Guffey, Matt, Ellen, and Doug for making it happen.

    -Death Valley RIP-

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  • Guffey shredding

  • Live at the Hammersmith Odeon

  • Corey loves Guffey

  • Corey and caption comedian/guitar player Guffey

  • Corey Smith is fuckin' in to it

  • Corey Smith is fuckin' in to it